Willow Marie

Willow MarieOn December 29, I went in to adopt a little dog I had met a few days earlier by the name of Precious (now my little Willow Marie) We’ve since moved into our new place in Fayetteville, and spent plenty of time between there and visiting friends and family. She loves car rides and meeting new friends, both with fur and without, and gives everyone she meets tons of love and kisses. She’s a big cuddle bug, snores so loudly that she wakes herself up sometimes, and loves to play tug-o-war and fetch, even though our apartment is small. She has her own room here, but she prefers to sleep on the couch next to me. She’s spoiled rotten (totally my little princess) and seems to be very happy with how things are going. I wanted to thank you guys for everything you do. If it wasn’t for y’all, I wouldn’t have my fur-soulmate snoring on the couch next to me. I honestly couldn’t imagine living here without her. Best of luck with all the other fur babies you have there. I hope that there are people who can experience the love I have experienced with Willow.

Thank you again,
Sara and Willow Marie.