To foster means to care for an animal in your home. One foster parent calls it "bringing love home" - when you see a puppy play for the first time or see a bottle-baby kitten walk on its own, you'll know you're doing a great thing.

Ready to Make a Difference?

As a foster parent, you are a hero! One animal in your home allows us to take another into our care. You create a vital link in the network that saves animals in North Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas. You also help our animals to become comfortable with home living, which is priceless.

In return for your care, we provide food, supplies, and medical care. And don't worry... you get training and support! And lots of love and gratitude too!

You may wonder why an animal needs foster care. It's simple. Like people who lose their homes, animals need time and a warm, safe place to get their bearings and to get ready for the next step.

Ready to be a hero? Not sure? Afraid you'll fall in love and won't be able to let go? Contact Us.