Find A New Home For Your Pet

Rehoming your pet is a very difficult decision to make. We are here to support you! As the pet’s owner, you have the best chance of finding your pet a new home. If you do not know where to start, let us help you with these simple steps and tools that will connect you directly with people who are looking for a pet just like yours!

If you do not want to give up your pet but are experiencing hard times and need medical, behavioral, or pet supplies for your pet, we can help! Call us at 843-249-4948 and ask to speak with a supervisor. If you need food for your pet, visit our Pet Food Pantry located at the entrance of our building at 409 Bay Street in North Myrtle Beach.

Use Our Supported Self-Rehoming Programs

Most people who want a new pet start by doing their research online. Help them find you by listing your pet for adoption on ADOPTAPET.COM  This resource is easy to use and will get your pet’s profile in front of thousands of potential adopters in just a few minutes. Use our coupon code: RCXHAQTL2U8AD8Z to post your pet for free.

POST YOUR PET ON OUR HOME TO HOME page! It is a unique, direct-to-adopter tool for pet parents looking to rehome their pets. In just a few, simple steps, pets can find a loving new home without ever seeing the inside of a shelter. It's free to use for both pet parents and adopters, and gives animals needing new homes the best of both worlds: their current pet parent can find the best fit, and their adopter can learn all about their personality and preferences first-hand. It's a win-win for pets and shelters like ours that are almost always at capacity and short on resources. 

Home to Home helps pets go from one home to another, without ever entering a shelter. This program helps reduce stress on pet parents, pets and animal shelters, like HSNMB. Potential adopters will communicate directly with pet parents regarding their adoptable pets. Pet parents remain in charge of the entire rehoming process. Pets stay out of the shelter, avoiding stress and anxiety.

Create your pet's profile here! 

Surrendering Your Pet to The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach

Pet owners who wish to surrender their pet for adoption at our facility should fill out the form below. Our Intake Coordinators will guide you through the rehoming and surrender process, and if there is space in our adoption program, they will schedule an appointment date and time to admit your pet. You may also call 843-249-4948 and ask to speak with an Intake Coordinator. The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach exists first to help homeless stray pets. You should consider surrendering your pet only after all of these other steps have been taken, and you are still unable to find a home.

You will be asked to pay a fee to surrender your pet. This fee is charged to cover our expenses associated with medical and other care your pet will receive while we try to rehome him/her and ranges from $50- $85.

Pets that do not meet minimum medical or behavioral expectations may not be eligible for adoption at The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach. If your pet is not safe enough to place in the community (example: displaying aggression) or your pet will likely have a poor quality of life due to untreatable/unmanageable medical illnesses/injuries, we may recommend humane euthanasia rather than surrendering your pet for adoption.


Contact Us

Please contact The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach today so that we can help you find the best solution to your problem.

We may be able to help you keep your pet at home or there may be alternative re-homing options available to you.