Will you be my family?

Will YOU be my Family?

I’m a lovable animal living in the animal shelter. I’m healthy and I need a home. Somehow, I avoided pet stores and even animal mills—whew! But I ended up in here when my owner decided they couldn’t keep me anymore.

I Need a Home

I overheard the humans here saying that I am a sweet, little animal. I’m used to humans and I don’t act like I”m going to hurt them if they reach for my food. Why would I do that? Maybe they’re giving me more food! I even like the other animals in here.

Shelter People are Kind, But. . .

This still isn’t a home, with a kitchen, a human family, kids and even another animal that’s a pet. I had to get used to lots of loud barking and meowing. The humans who work here treat me really nice. . . but it isn’t home.

We Can Set a Good Example!

Come on! We’d make such a great team together! When your friends find out you adopted me from the shelter, you’ll be telling them they can do the same thing, too. Please?

Do Your Part Against Animal Over-population

If you adopt one of us from the shelter, an animal at a breeder’s doesn’t have to give birth to a baby that may end up homeless. Not only are you fighting over-population, you’re helping to protect animals from communicable diseases spread by strays.

The Shelter Can Help You

Well. . . yeah, I admit I have a few issues. I like to lead. And I get excited for visitors. But you can ask the shelter humans to help you! And they can tell you how to get in touch with an obedience school or an animal behaviorist.

I’m Healthy!

When I was brought in here, the vet human checked me out. He found out about all my health problems and helped to cure me. I’m current on my shots—ouch. And I won’t make any baby animals—Double ouch! This means you won’t have to pay another vet to take care of all of this.

Let’s Talk Money

Money’s not fun, I know. I also know that, if you adopt a shelter pet, you save lots of money. If you go to a breeder or pet store, you could pay $1,000 for an animal that might be sick. Why not pay up to $200 instead?

Your Money Helps the Shelter

You’re not just helping me, you’re helping the shelter and all the other animals here. A new animal can come in and wait. Your fee helps the shelter to pay for everything we need.

I’m Ready to Start Loving You NOW!

I’m ready to love you and become a member of your family!

Written By: Mary Nielsen