Victor and Kitana

After my fiance and I lost our 13-year-old tabby girl we were heartbroken. As time passed we knew we needed to fill the cat-shaped hole in our hearts and so we decided to take a trip to the Humane Society of N Myrtle Beach. We explored the kennels for a while but decided maybe it wasn’t the right time yet as we were both still grieving. As we went to walk out, a woman stepped out of another hallway of kennels we didn’t know were there! We asked if we could see the cats inside and she said yes. We walked down the hallway until we came to the end. The very last kennel. And there was Victor. He looked up at me with his big, green eyes and so I asked if I could take him out. I opened the kennel door and he stretched his front paws up to me asking to be picked up. I held him and he rubbed his face against my chin and I knew immediately he was the one. We took him home that day and he’s been my cuddle buddy ever since. He just celebrated his 7th birthday and 3rd year as part of our family in March 🙂 We had such a great experience at the shelter that about a year later we went back to adopt a playmate for Victor. We barely made it through the first hallway before Kitana (formerly called “Louie”) smacked my fiance in the back of the head with her paw. We stood next to her kennel for a minute and continued on. On the way back down the hallway, she smacked him again. This time he knew he had found the one. And we took her home that day. I love this shelter for rescuing these angels and helping them find their way into our arms.