OnyxOn Christmas day, I opened a letter telling me to go find my new best friend. When we went to the shelter no dogs stood out, until I saw Onyx (formerly Fleur). She was a bit skinny and she had a little eye infection but to me she was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. Her paper said lab/retriever but she had a Pit Bull face so I knew that wasn’t true. Whenever she stuck out her paws to be pet I knew she was the one. We took her home January 1st, and almost 11 months later she is the best dog ever and always gets complements for her prefect behavior. Also it turns out that she is 50% Pit, 25% Lab, and 25% Great Dane (We didn’t see that coming either). She went from 50lbs to 70lbs and is still growing, she lovess to go on outdoor adventures, and is happy to sit with us in the living room for movie night (her favorite is Zootopia!). Thank you so much for taking care of her before we adopted her!

Cristen Sala