OdinMy son and I attended a concert at The House of Blues in March 2016 and spent a couple of days in the area. One day while passing time we saw the sign for the shelter and decided to drop in to see the kittens. We love kittens. We impulsively walked thru the dog area and our lives were forever changed when we saw this ridiculously goofy dog outside his kennel area! We walked past his enclosure and he saw us and IMMEDIATELY ran back inside, too much joy to be contained, to greet us and get a few pets. We walked thru the rest of the kennel but went back to his, shared a look, literally said “Dad’s gonna kill us” and then asked for him to be checked with cats (we only have three). He walked thru the cat area with barely a sniff and we knew it belonged to us! A few 3 hour drives later including one to bring our current dog to meet him, T-bone was ours! Promptly renaming him Odin (he is brother to Zeus after all, and needed to be a separate but equal GOD!)

Four years later Odin is a beloved member of our family and enjoys nothing more than the truck rides to his mountain home and wrestling with his Daddy over his ever-elusive Kong football! There were a few challenges along the way but I have NEVER regretted this Lil guy and I’m so happy he found his forever home with our family!


Kris B.