MissyHSNMB had a special priced day(anniversary) which was $15 to adopt a cat. I found a female tuxedo cat (to match my male tuxedo cat) online from there and decided I would go get her on that special day. My daughter and I got lost on the way, but were determined to rescue this kitty which was the same exact age as my boy, Sylvester, 2 and a half years old. When we finally arrived to the shelter, we were thrilled! My daughter and I looked at all the cats that were for adoption. We could not find her and I got worried, then asked for help. They spotted her cage, she was tucked inside of a shoe box sleeping. She poked her head out and showed me her face. I was instantly happy she was still available!(it was a very busy day there) We were excited to have her and get her home. She doesn’t have a tail and hops like a bunny when running! I couldn’t be happier! We are so pleased with our Missy!