Margaret Mary McMertz

Margaret Mary McMertzI had move to Calabash, NC in May 2005 from Connecticut. My Gray tuxedo cat passed away suddenly prior to me moving, I was devastated. After moving, I set out to find a gray tuxedo and on a whim I stopped at the shelter and lo-and-behold there was the twin to the cat that had passed prior to me moving. I adopted her that minute. She was just 6 weeks old. Named after Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy, Margaret now lives in Massachusetts in a 5 bedroom house with 1 sister (Bengal Cat) and 3 brother (cats) Simon, Theodore and Larry. Now she is going on 13, she is healthy and loves life. She was the best discovery on a whim I could have asked for. She has motherly qualities, however, gets pretty fed up with Larry (the youngest cat) antic’s and puts him in his place, it’s quite comical.  Jeff Z