Margaret Mary Mac’Mertz

Margaret Mary Mac'MertzI moved to Calabash, NC from Connecticut in 2005. Before leaving Connecticut I lost my cat (Margaret the 1st) I was devastated. After the move and getting settled I started looking for a Gray Tuxedo. I was finding it difficult to find a Gray tuxedo as I think I was fixed on finding a cat that could duplicate what I had lost.
One day, I stopped into the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society to have a look. And to my wonder…there she was…in an aisle¬†all by herself…in a lower cage…sticking her paw out. It was instant magic…I knew I had found my Margaret. Now some 14 years later she is still the crazy cat she always was. Mothering to others yet steadfast in her ways. We’ve since moved back to the Northeast and she loves it here. Thanks, NMBHS for such a wonderful, loving cat.

Jeff Zabel