LucyWhen we walked into the shelter, we were not expecting to adopt any animals. My husband and I went to the shelter because I had been through a bad break-up where my ex took both our cats. We only planned on stopping in and giving some of the cats some love, and to look around in case we wanted to adopt in the future.

We walked into the cat adoption section and perused. While we were walking into the area, my husband Hayden wanted to pay special attention to some of the older cats. Under the cage he was looking into, a paw reached out to him. Hayden went to pet the cat in the cage, and she curled right up into his hand- easily the most affectionate cat we had seen that day. She stood out. Ten years old, and such a sweet girl! She cuddled right up when we held her. Her intelligent, quiet demeanor was everything we needed. When we went to adopt her, we found out that someone had tried to adopt her earlier that day and brought her back. Why, we couldn’t understand, until we got into the car.

She gets anxious during car rides. On the ride back, she screamed and screamed. She hid during the day and only woke up at night to meow her little heart out. We let her get adjusted to the house… and discovered the true form that is Lucy. She loves to find the softest things in the house. Often, I will find her curled up on our pillows or enjoying the sun in the window. She has cute little fangs that just hang out of her mouth, and her fur floofs up when she is happy. She loves to hide in closets behind our shirts, and purrs as soon as you touch her. She just loves love! She is exactly what we needed to complete our little family, and every day we are happy that we picked her up at the shelter. We didn’t expect to find Lucy, but we’re glad we did. She really makes our lives happier, and we are so glad we stopped by the shelter that day and found her.

Elise S.