LuckyI decided the time was right to adopt a dog so I signed up as a volunteer to walk dogs at The Humane Society. I thought this was the best way to pick out the perfect dog for me. I got to know many great dogs but the one I chose was the goofy one named Raven which I renamed Lucky. He was nervous the first night, too quiet for him in the house so I left the tv on all night and he settled down and took over my bed. He loves to go to the park, the beach and enjoys numerous belly rubs. He is still that goofy dog that I fell in love with. He has also helped me foster two puppies at different times. He just laid down and let them jump all over him, bite his tail and ears. He was so gentle with them. He has been with me 5 years now and this was the best decision ever, like hitting the lottery. Thank you to the staff for taking care of him before I adopted him.