In the Dog House Kennel Lock-In FAQs:

How do I sign up to be a participant?  Go to the following link:

How will I be notified to schedule a time to come to the shelter for a photo in the kennel?  An email will be sent to you from

What if I can’t get to the shelter for a photo?  When you receive your email to schedule a time; just respond and let know this.  We will work on your photo and information sheet via email.

How much do I need to collect in donations to be rescued?  You set your adoption fee

Am I required to sit in the kennel for the full two hours?  No.  We appreciate your time, and that you may have other commitments.

What if I can’t get to the shelter on April 24?  That’s ok!  You have two weeks prior to the event to virtually secure donations on our website.  You can collect cash (as long as you capture the donor’s contact info for tax purposes).   Checks should be made out to HSNMB.  Make sure that when you either mail the money or bring it into the shelter that your name is attached to it so we can keep track.

What if I don’t have a large presence on social media?  I understand that most of the promotions will be on Facebook.  What do I do?  You can email, call or text your friends and family.  Talk to your friends that are on social media and ask them to promote you!