My husband and I started fostering “Sally” JuneBugMarch 24, 2018. She was afraid of everyone and everything (we couldn’t even take for a walk on trash pick-up night because of all the scary trash cans!). She had a bumpy start: ear infection, skin rashes, emaciated (30 lbs)… and then she somehow got out of our fence. It took us a few days to find her, we got help from neighbors, HSNMB, a volunteer …on that last day she was missing we saw her several times, but every time I said her name she’d run back into the woods. The last time I saw her I didn’t say her name, me and Rascal (our other dog) just walked towards her without saying anything – and she didn’t run away this time – at first she was hesitant, but then she definitively recognized us and the look of excitement on her face combined with that signature wiggle butt move all dogs get when they’re really excited <— that was the moment that sealed her fate, and she officially became a “foster fail.” In her year since she’s been with us, she’s come so far! She weighs in at a healthy 45 lbs. We successfully go for a walk/run every night, she sniffs the trash cans/recycle bins just like a normal dog, and she’s even starting to meet some neighbors, but only the ones with dogs… I mean, dog people are the only important people, right?

Christine & Max R.