JakeJake has become the best little guy to have in our home. He loves to snuggle and cuddle and has already become attached to his little girl and sleeps with her every night. He loves water and loves to run and chase balls and Frisbees. He wasn’t too sure of the waves at the beach the night we took him to MB State Park, but he loved to find sticks that washed up around him. He is growing and has recently lost most of his baby teeth, it was like a scavenger hunt for a couple weeks around the house. We love our boy and are so happy we decided to adopt him back in June. He goes to pick up our daughter everyday at school and all the teachers love him as well. This photo is of him having a discussion with my husband about the rug. I am pretty certain Jake was trying to tell him, “I didn’t chew up the rug, you can’t prove it!” in his best doggie voice. Such a silly boy!

Lisa Moles