DrogoI can’t thank y’all enough for posting those beautiful pictures of Drogo( Formerly known as Bubby) when you took him to barefoot landing. I instantly fell in love and knew I had to meet him! He’s been an amazing dog and best friend. He enjoys being a couch potato but also likes to have some fun playing with all his toys, and when he has the extra energy saved up, he does laps around the yard with the BIGGEST smile on his face, which brings me so much joy to see him smiling so big after he’s had fun playing. He LOVES car rides! He gets the biggest smile when I let him in the car! He’s such a smart dog, I’ve taught him new things and he catches on quickly. He’s my little shadow, and follows me everywhere except the bathroom, he knows that scary shower is in there! He is slowly being accepted by his sister Khalessi the cat, she doesn’t know it, but I’ve seen her loving up on him when she thinks I’m not looking. Thank you for my fur baby, he’s been an amazing addition to my life and heart.

Whitney K.