Bonnie Blue

Bonnie BlueI had been grieving the loss of my Black Lab, Porter. He was with me over 14 yrs. Home sick with the Flu, I realized how very lonely I was. No dog to greet me at the door, to a be my companion and friend. Wow, was missing a very personal, important part of my life. I was dog poor. Poor because I lacked a piece of my world. My boyfriend took me to the shelter, you see he too was dog poor. So many wonderful dogs! But not ours. Then hiding out in the yard was a sweet, timid (ok-terrified) black and white dog. Why was she outside? The answer was that she was afraid of dogs, people, noise – well really everything. We had to meet her. She won’t come to you, we were told. That’s okay, bring her around. We sat quietly and let her ignore us for some time. Then, slowly, carefully she circled closer and closer. Yes, a sniff. A lick. We asked for treats. She took one. Oh yes, we want this girl to come home. Bonnie Blue was tall but only only weighed 52lb. for a Great Dane-Labrador mix not good. But she was a beautiful girl. Most of all, she chose us! We weren’t dog poor anymore! Now 1 yr later, Miss Bonnie Blue is a healthy (72lb), happy girl. We are a family of three, she is our baby. And now my world is much richer!  Leslie Massaro