Bailey We had recently lost our APBT of 17 years and wanted to give back by helping another APBT. After my wife spent a week looking at her picture she showed me and I knew instantly that she was the one I was looking for. We immediately went and met your staff and Bailey and it was love at first sight. I have spent 30 years with the breed and have only owned APBT’S. So we brought her home and it was as though she was meant to be with us. In 2 years she has never had an accident or got into the trash or had ANY problems. She gets along with the cats and is also pretty well behaved with other dogs as long as I’m with her. She has been given the best and most spoiled life that we can give her. She GOES EVERYWHERE with us and loves that she get to have the life she has always deserved. Pics coming soon! Thank you so much for such an amazing animal!