Asher and Paxton

Paxton and AsherLast August, three weeks after I put my beloved rottie Goliath down I received a call from Kelsi at the shelter to just come and look at this rottie they brought in. My mind said no way but I went and against everything that my mind said after I took one look at this skinny, sickly pup I told her I wanted him. He had no name, heartworm positive, and had to be neutered, so I had to wait until he gained enough weight to get neutered to bring him home. Every single day I would visit, bringing him chicken, brushing him, loving him until finally Sept 12 I took him home. We had a hurricane the following day, so I thought it was going to be difficult for him to settle in, I was wrong. We handled the hurricane together, and after he learned how to walk on a leash and basic commands. He was full of love, always so happy, so I named him Asher, which means happy and blessed. We have finished his hw tx, and he runs and always plays happily. He filled a huge void in my life, and I couldn’t love him more. In April I received another call, there was another rottie from the same place that Ash was rescued. I didn’t even have to think, of course, I said yes! Now Ash has Pax, who instantly became his best friend. I like to think they remember each other from their awful prior life, but they are so happy together, always playing, sharing toys, sleeping together. Pax was easy to train as he follows his brothers lead, I have had my heart grow even more with the love I have for these two, the love they have for me, and each other. My life is so full of joy, so thankful to have these goofballs in my life and forever grateful I picked up the phone for that first call.

Desiree T.