ArthurWe already had five cats, but we’d resolved to look for a senior cat to join our family. I met Arthur when I went to the shelter to drop something off. He was friendly and went nose-to-nose with me right away. When I held him, he hugged me. I knew my husband would be equally smitten.
Arthur spent one day in isolation when we took him home. Our five and the newbie sniffed each other through the door and then through the cat playpen. Accustomed to fosters coming and going, our cats were not too worried by Arthur’s presence.
As expected, we had a few feline arguments during the first weeks. Arthur was rechristened Monty. Dasher, one of our two youngest cats, was fascinated by Monty. Monty could open kitchen cabinets, so Dasher was in awe.
Dasher was Monty’s first friend, but everyone gets along well. Monty has found his favorite hangouts, like the glider on the screen porch. He has his quirks, like rising for brunch instead of joining the other cats for breakfast. His arthritis does not keep him from running or playing. We added a few pet staircases in strategic spots for him.
Monty has become a favorite of can’t and guests in our house. He gives as much affection as he gets. He’s a champion smuggler. We’re so glad he is part of our family.
Ellen Simpson