ArloOne week prior to retiring and moving to the North Carolina coast, we had to put the last of our 3 Labs down, due to hip failure. We had lost 3 labs in 3 years due to old age and felt such an intense void in our lives. We retired to a very dog-friendly area and couldn’t stop petting and loving almost every dog we’d encounter on the beach. After 5 months, I knew we were ready to find a new forever friend.

I had seen in the news that the “clear the shelter” event was about to take place in August, so I figured there would be a great selection (and need) to adopt before the event. After searching the Internet for a Labrador Retriever with just the right face, I was hopeful that I may have found the right one. The next day, I couldn’t get to the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society fast enough! I met “T-bird,” as he was named at the shelter, and it was instant love! He had long legs and looked like a pony. Best of all, he has the sweet disposition that we both love and missed so much!

The people at the shelter were so warm and attentive! I thank them for taking care of Arlo (his forever name) while we were trying to find him! I paid a nominal fee for him and took him home where our 9-year old cat and my hubby were waiting. I would like to mention that the fee included neutering and all of his shots–what a bargain!

Arlo has since enjoyed golf cart rides, long walks on the beach, and going to the dog park. We just celebrated his first birthday January 25! He is well-behaved, has a sweet demeanor, is best friends with our cat, and we are over the moon about him.

Marycarol J.