AbbieI saw Abbie on your FB page. I always gravitate toward the older pets and though she wasn’t older (she was 4) she was listed as very shy. When I brought her home she stayed under the bed in my guest room for at least two months and fearing she would die of starvation or dehydration, I would put her fresh food and water under the bed daily. I honestly thought she must have been so traumatized that she would never be the loving pet I wanted. One day she surprised me and ventured out from under the bed, sitting staring at me while I made coffee in my kitchen. From that point on I knew it would be okay. Little by little she has learned she is safe and loved and that she will always be cared for. She is the sweetest little girl and though she is still very timid and reserved, she has worked her way into my heart and I love her dearly.

Tracy F.