Virtual Fur-Baby Shower

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It’s that time of year…kitten and puppy season! This tends to be the busiest time for our staff, volunteers and fosters, as the influx of fur babies means more care and resources are needed!
Fur Baby Shower Registry
We will be having a virtual fur baby shower this Saturday, June 13th at 1PM on Facebook Live. We will be featuring kittens and providing information on how to care for kittens and puppies at such a young age. Make sure you tune in!

Shower Registry Items Include:

Gift of a Miracle: $15 can provide special syringes that are critical for feeding neonatal kittens.

Gift of Comfort: $30 can provide heating discs and bedding to provide comfort and warmth.

Gift of Health: $60 can provide life-saving veterinary exams and medication.

Gift of Care: $100 can provide formula which helps kittens and puppies grow strong.

Gift of Hope: $250 can provide care to an entire litter of kittens.

Gift of a Future: $500 can provide care to an entire litter of puppies.

Donations can be given at